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The forces in a golf swing

— April 2015

There are forces generated in a golf swing that we can use to our advantage, conversely those same forces used in the wrong way can be disastrous. Remember the force doesn’t care that we are playing golf it only complies with natural law. Whenever we rotate or turn in the golf swing we create a force that move the club away from us. We can prevent this outward force by moving laterally, how can this help your swing? At the top of the back swing if we rotate to early the force throws the club out, the dreaded over the top move. However if we start down with a weight transfer from our right foot to our left that slight pause in the throw out action will put the club in a position to come down correctly. Once we have that slide to the left, then go ahead and turn, the throw out action will send the club out towards the ball. This is an example of using the force to your advantage. To find more about this book a lesson today.

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